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Writing job descriptions that INSPIRE- Part 2

I wrote a blog on the issue of job descriptions where I discussed why the traditional format is not very effective. (In case you missed it, here it is:  Now I will share specific recommendations on how you can create inspiring and effective job descriptions. Okay, here we go: Focus on what the audience…
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Writing job descriptions that INSPIRE- Part 1

How many job descriptions have you read in your life?  Go ahead, make an estimate.  Many people have read hundreds.  How many of these job descriptions (JD’s) did you feel were inspiring?  How many helped you understand what is special about the company or the job itself?  Most people when asked this question simply smile…
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How many of your hiring problems are self-inflicted?

Let’s be real.  Hiring the right people consistently is extremely difficult.  Often we scratch our heads wondering why it is so challenging.  After all, it should be fairly straightforward if you apply common sense, right?  Well, on the surface, yes however, when we “peel back the onion” and think it through, it really isn’t.  …
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