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What Makes Change So Hard?

Many of today’s companies realize that getting a competitive advantage and perhaps even surviving goes well beyond good processes, technology and people. Though these factors are relevant, if the culture drives the “good people” out of the company or does not encourage high engagement, suboptimal results are likely to occur. The fact is we all…
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The Traditional Organizational Culture Is Doomed To Fail

In my previous article dated titled “Is Workforce Optimization the Missing Piece To Your Organization’s Success?” I wrote about how and why this shift in how organizations work with their employees is critical for future success. Now, let’s delve into a better understanding of why the traditional way that companies engage with their workforce is…
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OMG! What am I going to do with all these resumes?

Raise your hand if you enjoy reviewing and screening resumes.  Keep your hand up if you believe that you are good at it.  This means that a high percentage of people you select from the resumes actually meet your expectations in your interviews.  If your hand is still up, congratulations!  There is no need for…
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Why is it so Difficult to find the right candidates these days?

Have you ever struggled to source the right candidates for your positions?  Do you ever find that you receive plenty of applicants, but not the ones you are looking for?  If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, welcome to the club!  This is a challenge for most organizations.  You’re not alone. Okay, now…
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