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Here are the elements that make Hire2Retain special

  • Competitive Advantage Job Descriptions for Advertising

    Competitive AdvantageJob Descriptions

    Stand out in the crowd to attract the best candidates. We write your job description to create a “Marketing Piece” that speaks to your desired audience.

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  • Candidate Recruiting

    Candidate Recruiting

    We promote your optimized job on the best career sites and market your job to candidates who are not actively looking. We bring you more quality candidates.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Get noticed by more candidates. We “search engine optimize” your marketing piece/job description. Rise up in front of the logjam of competing ads. Optimal placement yields better results.

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  • Resume Screening

    Resume Screening

    Bogged down? Save time and frustration. We review the resumes and do the initial screening to determine fit for you.

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  • Develop Assessment Model

    Develop Assessment Model

    We help you determine which innate characteristics and aptitudes are critical to succeed in your specific job.

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  • Assess Candidates

    Assess Candidates

    Reduce interviews. Improve retention. Only invest your time interviewing candidates who actually have the ability to do your job your specific job.

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  • Customized Interview Questions

    Customized Interview Questions

    Get it right. We develop interview questions designed to help you go below the interview personality. Interview with more comfort and confidence. Obtain more accurate understanding of fit.

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  • Hiring Practices Optimization

    Hiring Practices Optimization

    Are there changes in your interviewing and onboarding practices that would help you avoid losing the best candidates? We can help you hire and retain the ones you want.

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