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Writing job descriptions that INSPIRE- Part 1

How many job descriptions have you read in your life?  Go ahead, make an estimate.  Many people have read hundreds.  How many of these job descriptions (JD’s) did you feel were inspiring?  How many helped you understand what is special about the company or the job itself?  Most people when asked this question simply smile and say “very few”.  Eye rolls frequently accompany the smiles!

Staff Recruitment Solution Brad Wolff JumpVineOkay, point made.  Next question.  When you post your job descriptions or send them to recruiters to use, how many competing jobs are there in your city for this type of position?  In a city like Atlanta where I live, there are often hundreds of competing ads vying for the same candidates that you want.  Why will your job description stand out to the best candidates whom you wish to hire?  These people are more selective and have more options available to them so they are more difficult to attract.

Hire2Retain JumpVine Brad WolffSo, what can you do to stand out in the crowd of competing jobs?  Fortunately, there are some basic principles that can allow your job descriptions to move from “generic and similar to the others” to unique, inspiring, and speaking directly to the audience you wish to attract.  In my next blog, I will indicate specific things you can do to be noticed as different and better than your completion.


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Hire and Retention Consultant | Workforce Optimization Adviser | Success CoachBrad Wolff is Managing Director for JumpVine, an Atlanta-based recruitment firm whose science-based Hire2Retain approach results in a reduction in turnover from 46 percent to 10 percent over 18 months. It also reduces the number of interviews per hire by 50-75 percent. Wolff’s method measures whether people’s innate characteristics match a company’s open position and corporate culture.

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