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Helping you solve your greatest challenge—People!

JumpVine’s focus is to help companies achieve significant, measurable improvements in productivity, profitability and employee engagement.   This is what “Workforce Optimization” is all about.

Every company has three critical components to their operations:

  • People/workforce
  • Processes
  • Systems

Your processes and systems issues can be addressed using rational, linear thinking and technology.  These issues are usually simpler, less emotional and easier to solve than workforce issues. Companies are accustomed to bringing in outside expertise for assistance with these challenges.

The workforce issues are typically “messier”, less predictable and more challenging to solve.  Additionally, if your workforce is not engaged or competent, the best processes and systems will not work well anyway.   Just as appropriate outside expertise can help with your processes and systems issues, it can help with your workforce issues as well.  JumpVine exists to help you successfully navigate and solve the most challenging issues with your workforce.  This involves both:

  • Hiring the right people to begin with – addressed with our Hire2Retain offering.
  • Addressing the wide range of issues related your current workforce. This is addressed with our Workforce Optimization and Success Coaching services.

By properly addressing your workforce issues, you can achieve greater productivity, profitability and employee engagement with less effort, stress and financial cost.  If you would like to consider getting a strategic, competitive edge through your workforce, we would like to talk to you further. Email



The guys at JumpVine understand my business and are an important part of our team. My success is their top priority.”

John Pawlak
CEO, ClaimsComp, Inc.
Roswell, GA