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Personal Transition Coaching

Do you have feelings of being stuck, lost, or hopelessness?
Are you ready to move forward with clear direction and hope?
Do you ask yourself…
  • Where do I go from here?
  • Do I still have it?
  • Are my best years behind me?
Do you think…
  • My life wasn’t supposed to be like this.
  • I am fine financially, but I’m not happy or fulfilled.
  • Is this all there is?
You can create the type of life your desire. I can help you address the challenges that life transitions bring, such as:
  • Career challenges around job displacement, unemployment, and underemployment.
  • Dissatisfaction with your job or business. You’re doing fine financially, but do not enjoy the work you do. You want to do something else, but are not sure what that is or how to make it your reality.
  • Loss of important relationships in your life.
    • Overall feelings of dissatisfaction with quality and meaning of life.

You have the power to create your desired reality.

Together, we will develop strategies and create an action plan that creates a road map to your desired outcomes. I help you unleash your potential and creativity. This expands your options to create your desired results. You will create a life that is success driven, positive, and aligned with your core values.

Click or call today and take the first step. Experience what personalized, professional coaching can do for you.

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Hire and Retention Consultant | Workforce Optimization Adviser | Success Coach

Hi, I am Brad Wolff.

My passion is empowering people to create the lives and success they desire. I am talking about lasting change. Transformation at a deep level. No “quick fix” surface makeovers. They don’t last. I specialize in people dealing with transitions in their career or personal lives.

My inspiration comes from my own life experiences. I have worked in different careers, started businesses, dealt with major upheavals that led to my own reinvention and greater success. I am no stranger to both success and failure. I have been divorced and happily remarried, suffered an identity crisis, and struggled with the challenges of parenting. I can personally relate to the transitions life brings. I can help you create a better reality.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through iPEC.  I regularly participate in Training and Development with leaders in the field of human potential and personal growth and effectiveness.  This is my passion!