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Client Testimonials

John Pawlak

CEO, ClaimsComp, Inc.

The guys at JumpVine understand my business and are an important part of our team. My success is their top priority.

Garrett Massey

Founder at Eyesore Inc.

I was referred to JumpVine by a trusted business advisor because I needed to hire a very good web developer and knew that I had a few challenges:

  1. This is a very difficult to fill position.
  2. My business is located in Griffin, GA so there is a much smaller pool of people to draw from.
  3. As a small business, I did not want to pay the large recruiting fee that many companies end up paying.
  4. Recruiting is not my area of expertise.  I do not know how to write a good job description or how to truly market my job and company to potential employees.  Also, I know from experience that it is difficult to determine whether a candidate is the right fit based on interviews and reference checking alone.

I was hopeful that JumpVine could help me but my actual experience exceeded my hopes.  They wrote a job description that truly communicated what is special about my company and the job in a way that spoke to the types of people I wanted to attract.  There is no way that I could have done this myself!  The quality of response I received from the ad was far above my expectations.

Their science-based assessment process allowed me to understand whether or not each candidate had the ability to work well in this position and our environment before deciding who to interview.  This allowed me to avoid wasting my time and the time of the candidates who did not fit.  The end result is that I received an excellent ad response, only interviewed the candidates who possessed the ability for the job and ended up with two candidates I wanted to hire .  I hired the on the top one.  I also received some simple reports to help me onboard and manage this person based on her characteristics.

For a fraction of the cost and time that I expected to invest, I now have a new employee who is an excellent fit and has adjusted rapidly to my company.  I highly recommend JumpVine and cannot see myself hiring employees any other way in the future.