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Our Objective Approach

At JumpVine, we do things a bit differently. We reduce your new employee turnover rate by using an objective, science-based approach. We take the guess work out of finding the right fit.In the “Traditional Hiring Process”, the focus is on interview techniques and interview questions geared to understanding each candidate’s Skills & Experience and Attitudes & Values.  The belief is that if both of these areas are compatible with the position and environment, the person should be a “good hire”.  This is logical and seems to make perfect sense.Unfortunately, empirical evidence is clear- this approach does not work well!  A January 2012 article in Forbes magazine indicated that 46% of all new hires fail within 18 months.  When a new employee fails, most people justify it by saying, “I am not quite sure why but for some reason he just wasn’t the right fit”.  When you look closer,  fit is really not the mystery it appears to be.  To a great extent fit is simply the innate characteristics that are part of a person’s makeup that do not change over time.  If they do not match up with your position and environment, the person will fail despite everything else matching up.The “Balanced Hiring Process” still takes into account  Skills & Experience and Attitudes & Values. The difference is that innate characteristics (fit) are measured using an objective, science-based process first.  This way, you only interview people whom you already know have the innate characteristics to be the right fit.


The Hire2Retain™ process combines a candidate’s skills and experience, with their attitudes and values, and their innate characteristics to determine the right fit.