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JumpVine is a “hire and retention partner,” not a traditional recruiting firm.  We  apply an objective, science-based approach to hiring.  Through this approach, our clients are improving new employee retention from an average of 50-55% to 80-85% (within 18 months of hire) while decreasing the number of interviews needed to make a hire by 50-75%.   Our clients have also reduced the average time to fill positions by 25-50%.

Our science-based approach enables us to objectively measure the innate characteristics of candidates. These innate characteristics determine the ability of candidates to succeed in your job and work environment.   In addition to a significant reduction in new  employee turnover rate, our clients experience an improvement in employee retention and morale with existing employees.

The JumpVine approach also honors the candidates by not wasting their time interviewing for jobs they do not fit nor suffering the damage caused by accepting a job and failing despite considerable effort and commitment.

We incorporate the same objective model for the temporary and contract hires because a good fit matters, even if the position is short term in nature.

Small Business Hiring Support



We will help you find the career you love and want to keep. We will work with you to assess your strengths and help you make smart career choices. Solid employees are the foundation of any great organization.


JumpVine Case Study:

Midsize Chemical Manufacturer


The Challenge

A leading, midsize chemical manufacturer in the Atlanta area, often faced challenges in hiring a wide variety of people for the financial planning and analysis department. They used traditional hiring methods, including the standard job interviews and recruiting firms, but had little success.  Read more…



The guys at JumpVine understand my business and are an important part of our team. My success is their top priority.”

John Pawlak
CEO, ClaimsComp, Inc.
Roswell, GA